Mutual Fund and limited Partnership Tax receipts and year-end statements

Please review the tax receipt and year-end statement schedule for your reference. The dates provided may change. For additional information regarding your Marquest annual statement or tax receipt, please contact Client Services at 1-888-964-3533 or e-mail at

Tax Receipts

2013 Contribution Receipts

RSP purchases between March 2013 and December 2013:
Mailed-out February 5, 2014


RSP purchases in January 2014:
Mailed-out February 6, 2014

RSP purchases in February 3, 2014 through to February 14, 2014:
Mailed-out February 17, 2014

RSP purchases in February 17, 2014 through to March 3, 2014:
Mailed-out March 4, 2014

Marquest Mutual Funds
(formerly Matrix Mutual Funds)

T3 Mailed-out March 3, 2014
R16 Mailed-out February 28, 2014
T5 Mailed-out March 4/5, 2014


Mailed-out February 28, 2014

Year-End Statements:
Your annual Marquest Mutual Fund statement:
Mailed-out March 18, 2014.

Matrix or Marquest Flow-through Limited Partnerships

Your Investment Dealer will mail these receipts to you in late March 2014 based on the information provided by Marquest. Marquest strives to provide this information to Investment Dealers as early as possible. However, according to CRA regulations, the mining companies that Marquest or Marquest LP’s invested in have a deadline of March 31 to provide us with the necessary forms required to prepare T5013A/R15 receipt information. This usually prevents T5013A/R15 receipts from being available prior to the end of March or later.

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